Heartland River Inc.

Welcome to your new home!

Rent is due on the 1st.  Please pay with check or money order by mail or place in the drop box slot at the Office.  Include the Late Fee if after the first.

Mailing Address:                                                                     Office Address:
Heartland River, Inc.                                                              Heartland River, Inc.
1001 Oak St                                                                              1001 Oak Street
Burlington, Iowa 52601                                                          Burlington, Iowa 52601

 When there is an issue, please call Ron first, but if it is an emergency and you can’t reach him, then call the service people on this list. We can’t repair a problem we don’t know exists. 

Manager                        Ron Brozene              209-0823
Emergency Contact     Ben Brozene              209-0827
Repairs/Handyman     Jim Weaver                750-5663
Drains                          Drain Doc                     753-0651
Electrician                   Taeger  Electric            457-0497
Plumber                      Jeff George                    752-8554
Furnace & AC              Oliver Tri-County       759-3023

Utilities (Put the utilities in your name on the day you move in)

Alliant Energy              800-255-4268                          Burl Waterworks         754-6501

We expect Residents to:
Pay the rent on time
Take care of the property, inside and out
Be respectful of their neighbors        

 We're glad that you are here and look forward to providing you with a great home.