Heartland River Inc.

Rules for Tenancy

Tenant must contact the utility companies to have service put in their name prior to moving in.

Tenant shall maintain the unit in good condition, keeping it safe, clean and sanitary.

Tenant shall keep yard  mowed and gutters cleaned.  Keep garage areas clean and place garbage in the containers provided.  The container use shall be limited to trash generated on site.

Tenant shall refrain from making loud noises and disturbances and from playing loud music in such a manner as to disturb the neighbors.  No article or substance shall be kept on the premises nor any activity conducted which is illegal, noisy or dangerous.

Tenant must obtain the Manager’s written approval for any decorating changes or alterations to the property, inside or outside.

Tenant must obtain their own Renter & Liability insurance.  Landlord’s insurance does not cover Tenant’s property or liability.

Tenant will be responsible for any damages caused to the property by careless or negligent behavior, including by visitors.

Tenant agrees to promptly inform Management of any required maintenance needed to the unit or building when it occurs.

Tenant agrees not to repair their motor vehicle on the premises if repairs will take longer than one day. (unless property has a garage).

No kerosene, electric or wood burning heaters or liquid filled furniture are allowed on the premises.

Tenant shall notify Management if they intend to be absent from the home for more than 5 days.

Tenant agrees to notify Management if another person wishes to move in.  An application must then be submitted for approval, along with the $35 background check fee before being approved.

No pets are allowed without prior approval. Tenant would be required to obtain insurance.


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