Heartland River Inc.

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1001 Oak Street   ​Burlington, Iowa  52601


We are a family owned business that offers quality homes and apartments for rent.  We are dedicated to providing better than average housing.  We maintain high standards for both our rental and retail properties.  

We provide a safe and quiet house.  You make that house a home.

 Throughout the years, we have worked with many of our residents who have chosen to buy the home they are renting.  We are always willing to offer the option to own your home to any of our current residents.  We believe in taking care of our residents and our buildings.  For a rental experience that sets a high standard, you will want to live in one of our homes.

Heartland River...we picked an easy name to remember.  We are in the Heartland of Iowa and we are based right here on the Mississippi River.

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Heartland River Inc.

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1001 Oak Street Burlington, Iowa  52601